Fun with the Moab Cowboy

 Destination Polaris- 5/5/13

Moab Cowboy Destination Polaris

Moab Cowboy Country Offroad Adventures had the  pleasure of taking the TV Show Destination Polaris out on the trails!  What a fun day!  Check out the  link HERE.

Wicked Tinkers- 2014

Moab Cowboy Slick Rock Wicked Tinkers

Moab Cowboy had the privilege of taking out the Wicked Tinkers.  The Tinkers were in town for the “Scots on the Rocks” festival.  You can find the Wicked Tinkers by clicking HERE


Moab Cowboy KUTV News 2

Moab Cowboy was on the morning show with Casey Scott.  It was a cold morning, but we were up to the task.  The show was live, and Casey had fun behind the wheel of our RZR 900.

Whoa!  What an awesome time we had with these guys!  David and Brenda travel the United States and share the world through their blog,!   They stopped in Moab and we took them out on the trail.  David brought out his quadcopter and got some amazing shots.  We highly recommend their website.

Check out their Moab blog HERE.

Check out their Moab Cowboy video HERE.


Moab Cowboy was asked to team up with David Hellman over at Xtreme 4×4 Tours.  Together, they took out Paul Szott, who is the owner of HDbroadcaster–A weekly Youtube video show.

Moab Cowboy HDBroadcaster2 Moab Cowboy HDBroadcaster

We are pretty sure that we scared Paul a few times, but Paul gives us a thumbs up at the end. What a fun experience!

Check out the video HERE.

NOTE: The video has a few swear words in it.  Watch with caution.