Incredible Adventure. Yee Haw! You will not be disappointed with the Moab Cowboy! Great people who love this area and show you how to really enjoy it! “Trust the machine,” said Cricket, and we did have a blast! It was the highlight of a really great two week adventure.

– Chicafiera

Amazing!!! Kent and Cricket are amazing tour guides. This is the longest trip, 13 miles of awesome UTV driving. Safety is their top priority. We had a 4 and a 2 year old with us, and they had a blast. Their seats simply strapped in the back of one of the UTVs. The first rock is called the devil’s backbone and will get you comfortable with the machine very quickly. Follow Kent and you will be fine. We stopped at several spots and were given the history of that area, which added to the overall adventure. We took the evening sunset tour and got some amazing shots of the beautiful red rocks that southern Utah is known for. We had two people in our group who had never driven a UTV side by side before and they did just fine. Highly recommended, great adventure. This tour goes further than any of the other tours. Affordable, and is the only tour where you actually get to drive.

– AKtyler, Kodiak, AK

Such great fun! Easy booking with Kent and met up with Cricket the 4 of us went on a great sunset trip. We saw The Killers in Vegas, watched “O” at the Bellagio, Helicopter over the Grand Canyon, Antelop Canyon and when we talk about the best thing we did/ saw on our fantastic trip, we all agree it was this. Don’t miss the chance it’s sooo much fun!

– Phil D, Hitchin, UK

Amazing!!! We are from Florida and decided to take the guided razor tour of Hell’s Revenge with Mr. Kent. We have never experience anything like this before! The trail was awesome, and what really put the cherry on top was the stops that we made so our guide could educate us on the geography and various aspects of the place. It was a heart racing and educational tour at the same time. I highly recommend taking the guided razor tour with the Moab Cowboy!

– Hpeterson4255, Okeechobee, FL

Moab Cowboy is the greatest! Cricket really gave us an amazing ride! We “trusted the machine” like she told us and it was a kick ass adventure! We drove Hell’s Revenge like champs!! We definitely were glad to have a guide, but also so happy to be driving our own rig! Yee haw! Thanks a million!

– Cassie T, Medford, OR

A True Hero: I ended up meeting Kent and getting to ride in his UTV after I took a pretty bad crash on slick rock. He was taking a couple on the trail and he didn’t hesitate to load me up and drive me out. Careful as could be to try to keep me comfortable. I ended up being flown out to SLC due to a lacerated liver but thank you, you helped save my life. Highly recommend and all my love to your wife too.

– EdenBrandi